Vacuum Sealed Gourmet Meats

Since 1994, Ilonka Foods have been offering meat delivery to busy Perth kitchens with prime cuts of Australian meat, cooked the sous-vide way. Sous vide meat is sealed in a bag, which is then immersed in water at a precisely controlled temperature, much lower than conventionally used to cook meat. It’s then cooked for much, much longer than conventional roasting.

The results are spectacular, and will delight your diners. The meat never reaches the temperature at which cell walls break down. Yet at the same time, connective tissue is tenderised over the extended cooking time, which also gives the seasoning the opportunity to permeate the entire cut. And because our cooking and meat delivery process is completed in the same bag, no oxygen and contaminants have a chance to ruin the meat. You can store it until you’re ready to use it. Just finish it off at a conventional temperature to create the surface sizzle you want, and it’s ready to serve.

Take a look at our range of pre-cooked beef, lamb, pork and poultry products, then email us or call 9351 9696 to place your order.

Preparing meat in a busy kitchen is a daunting business. You want your diners to experience the full quality of the gourmet meat you took such care to select, but time is your enemy – the time taken to cook meat to perfection, and the time cooked meat can be allowed to stand before it loses its succulence and flavour. And mistakes in timing, as well as disappointing your diners, are very costly. Wouldn’t it be great to have a culinary partner who could make some of that time just – go away? That’s what you get with Ilonka Foods, 100% natural, perfect every time, sous vide preparation and meat delivery.

To place an order, call 9351 9696 or send an email inquiry here. Please keep in mind that we make many variations of the products shown and can easily make anything to order.

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