A. Roast Pork

Roast Pork & Pulled Pork

The fear of serving over-dry roast pork is one that afflicts anyone who cooks meat, from the householder to the largest caterer. Few other meats punish us so severely for getting the roasting process wrong. As a restauranter or caterer, wouldn’t it be great to have a partner preparing your roast pork or even pulled pork in Perth? In a way that guarantees success every time, and saves hours? Well now you can.

Ilonka Foods delivers choice pork cuts, pre-cooked using the sous vide method, to busy Perth kitchens. Sous vide? It means “under a vacuum” in French. The meat is contained in a sealed plastic bag. It’s then immersed in water kept carefully at between 55 and 600C. That’s much lower than normal roasting temperature, and because it’s below the boiling point of water, the meat retains intact its cellular structure, preserving its satisfying texture. And it also means we can cook the meat for much, much longer. Imagine slow-cooked pork, but with all the risk of drying removed. So the natural flavour is not just preserved, but enhanced – and any seasoning permeates the entire cut. When the sous vide cook is complete, we keep the pork sealed and deliver it to you. The seal keeps out oxygen and contaminants, so the pork will keep until you’re ready to use it. When you are, you just finish it in a 1800 C to get the crackle you want, and serve it to your delighted diners. Our melt in your mouth pulled pork is a favourite with cafes and or our always-succulent roast pork is suited to restaurants, deli’s and butchers.

At Ilonka we like making great cooking easy. You can buy our sinfully succulent sous vide cooked pulled pork and roast pork online, or by calling us on 9351 9696 – we deliver daily.

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Product Code: 319

Avg weight: 3.5kg
Serves: Approximately 17-20 people

Heating instructions

Oven: Remove product from bag and finish off at 180°C for 1 hour

Microwave: Slice and reheat until desired temperature.

Cold: Slice for sandwiches or buffet meats.