A. Roast Beef

Sous Vide Roast & Pulled Beef

Slow-cooking beef the sous vide way produces startling results. The lightest of seasoning has time to permeate the meat, and the meat is tender, but textured, in a way no other method achieves. Ilonka Foods is your sous vide chef, pre-cooking and delivering to you choice cuts of roast and pulled beef across Perth; and the quality is guaranteed to delight your diners.

Sous vide? The term means “under vacuum” in French. But the vacuum is just the start of the story. The sous vide method places the beef in a sealed bag before immersing it in a bath of water. There it is cooked for a very, very long time, at a carefully controlled temperature far below boiling point. The lightest of seasoning permeates the cut. The seal keeps the moisture in, and the oxygen and contaminants out. That means that when we deliver your pulled or roast beef, you can keep it until you’re ready to use it. Then just finish it in your own oven, and serve it to your appreciative diners.

Cooking pulled beef and keeping the entire batch moist is tricky and the same goes for roast beef. However, Ilonka Foods can ensure perfect results for you every time.



Product Code: 108

Avg weight: 7kgs
Serves: Approx 45-50 people.

Heating instructions

Oven: Preheat oven to 180°. Remove beef from the bag and place into an oven proof dish, keeping the jus for gravy. Roast for 50 minutes until brown on the outside and heated through.

Microwave: Simply slice and reheat until desired temperature.

Cold: Can also be machine sliced for sandwiches or buffet meats.