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At Ilonka Foods, we sell slow cooked kangaroo steaks, bursting with flavour, guaranteed to save you kitchen time, and give you better results than anything you or your diners have ever tried.

Kangaroo steaks are a fantastic lean meat option. Kangaroo is extremely low in fat, it has virtually no saturated fat at all.

While the protein levels are similar, Kangaroo has more iron than other meats, twice as much vitamin B12 and higher levels of most B vitamins. It is also a good source of zinc

If you eat a 200g Kangaroo steak you will be getting 42g of protein with just 2.6g of fat making it a very calorie efficient meal. To compare with another steak, with rump you would get 40g of protein but over 9g of fat.

What is Sous Vide?

“Sous vide” is a French term, for what most of us call “under vacuum”. It was first used a couple of centuries ago, but only recently was it recruited in the search for a way for commercial kitchens and caterers to successfully include roast meats in their menus, safe in the knowledge that their diners will experience meat as they’ve never tasted it before. In the sous vide process, the chicken is sealed in a bag and immersed in water at a low, and carefully controlled temperature – usually 55-600C. And that’s where it stays, for a long, long time – long enough to cook slowly through, but without destroying the cell structure that is the key to great texture. The result is that the flavour stays trapped in the meat, along with the moisture. The meat stays in its sealed bag, which excludes oxygen and contaminants, so that it will stay flavour-fresh until you are ready to use it. Then just finish it to a golden turn in your own oven, and it’s ready to delight your diners.


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