Beef Chipolata Sausage

Beef Chipolata Sausages

Sell the sizzle, the saying goes. But at Ilonka Foods, we sell you everything but the sizzle. Because as a professional caterer you know that before you can sell the sizzle, you’ve got to get the body of the meat cooked to perfection. And that’s just as true when it comes to sausages. For a perfect addition to any catering event, Ilonka Foods’ sous-vide method delivers wholesale chipolata sausages to Perth clients, ready to sizzle.

What is sous vide?

Sous vide means cooking meats and sausages “under a vacuum” in French. It’s been known about for a couple of centuries, but its widespread use in commercial catering is quite recent. Our beef chipolatas are placed in a sealed bag, then immersed in a bath of water at a carefully regulated 55-600C, and cooked slowly for a very long time. When the sausages are cooked through, we remove them, but keep them in the bag. That keeps the oxygen out, as well as any other contaminants, and means that the sausages will stay fresh until you’re ready to use them. When you are, you simply remove them from the bag and finish them off on your barbecue, to give them that indispensable sizzle. You’ll be serving sizzling beef chipolatas in no time at all, and your diners will love the succulence and flavour the sous vide method produces.

To arrange a delivery of any of Ilonka Foods’ range of delicious pre-cooked meats, order online, or call us on 9351 9696 – we deliver daily.

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Product Code: 171

Avg weight: 2.2kg packet

Heating instructions

Microwave: 2-3 minutes and high for approx 10 sausages.

Frying Pan / Hot Plate: Lightly oil and place chippo’s on a pan or BBQ and rotate until browned on the outside and heated through.

Cold: Simply eat cold


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