Gourmet Vacuum Sealed Meals

If you lead a busy life or a busy restaurant, you probably don’t have the time to prepare yourself and your guests succulent, delicious meat dishes that take a long time to prepare. Ilonka Foods in Perth has a team of skilled chefs who will prepare pre made meals – delicious dishes created by our team of chefs. When you call us to order a healthy pre cooked meal, we discuss the recipe with you. As wholesalers of pork, beef, lamb, chicken and poultry, our chefs of course have recipes for every cut of meat, but if you have a particular request, we will prepare it for you. All our meals are made with natural ingredients and are completely free from preservatives and additives.

Once we have your order, we’ll carefully prepare your meals, then vacuum seal them in plastic trays and deliver them to you. When you are ready to eat, put the tray in the oven or microwave to heat and serve to your guests.

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