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Your leading pre-cooked, sous vide meat wholesalers in Perth – offering a huge range of perfectly cooked, vacuum-sealed meat products and delicious meals, specialising in Sous Vide meats. This method of cooking ensures perfect results every time due to the absence of air.

Now Available! - Shredded Meats including pulled Pork, Beef Chicken & Lamb.

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Perfection every time!
Using the art of Sous Vide, we guarantee that our food is cooked to your satisfaction each and every time.

Stress free experience!
Reduce the load on your kitchen and staff by ordering pre-cooked meats.

100% WA family owned and operated!
We deliver daily and pride ourselves on the best quality and service.

braised meat and sausages

Ultimate in quality and convenience for your kitchen

Sous-vide is French for “under vacuum”. But the vacuum is only part of the story. Sous-vide cooking places the meat in a vacuum-sealed bag, before cooking it at a much lower temperature, and for much, much longer. Still sealed, it’s then cooled and stored, ready for you to finish in your own oven. As a result, the flavour, moisture and texture are not just retained, they’re enhanced – and all without using any artificial preservatives, flavourings or colouring. Nothing you or your customers have ever tried tastes quite like an Ilonka sous-vide meal. We offer both wholesale and retail sous vide meat to Perth customers.

Preserving meat is centuries old - gourmet products, like French charcuterie, Italian salamis and prosciutto, and the good old English ham. Delicious though these time-honoured meat recipes may be, there’s no use pretending that they retain the original flavour of the meats used in their preparation. In fact, fresh meat has always defied attempts to cook it and preserve it in a way that retains its flavour and texture. The only way to do that has been to cook it from scratch, and serve immediately.

Until now...

Using the sous-vide meat cooking technique, Ilonka Foods brings to West Australian kitchens pre-cooked gourmet meats - beef, poultry, pork and lamb - with all the flavour and texture locked in.

Wholesale Meat Delivery

As well as our sous-vide pre-cooked meats, Ilonka Foods supplies a complete range of carefully selected fresh meats, as well as smoked turkey, beef chipolata sausages and champagne ham. Typical customers include, restaurants, delis, markets, butchers, catering companies and of course families who enjoy the quality and convenience that our fresh and sous vide meats offer.

Take a moment to browse these pages – then email or call us on 9351 9696 to request your meat delivery. Please keep in mind that we make many variations of the products listed.

We ensure quality & safety by carrying out our work under a HACCP approved plan!

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